To Do.

I turned off the notifications. I uninstalled social media apps again. I even disabled the google news tab on my phone. I shut everything down. I will briefly welcome ignorance for the benefit of my mental health.

This sounds extreme, but it’s more of a productivity retreat. Aside from building the website and writing this, I need to concentrate in the coming weeks to get a lot of things done:

  • A wedding video (no I’m not doing weddings again, the full story coming soon).
  • An awesome voice over project.
  • Finishing a script to produce at the Coalition.
  • Edit some Arts Calling interviews.
  • Family Time.
  • Lay awake at night pondering the awe-inspiring beauty of human brevity and UFO abductions too.

Such is the life of an indie creative! I’ll have an in-depth update on these projects soon, along with recent learning experiences. No matter where you are, you can begin or remain truthful to your artistic calling by taking action. Just one step at a time. I think Sartre said it best while paraphrasing Chinese philosopher Laozi or another great thinker: To do is to be.

Unlike yours truly, you may not need to turn off your phone to get it done, but I believe in you regardless. Go make a dent.


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