the album is here.

i have decided to let the pandemic album see the light of day. this favorite pastime. this beautiful diversion. it ultimately became a meditation on loneliness, faith, hope in disorder, and waking up from the socio-political pandemic nightmare of 2020. diy, theatrical, melodramatic, loud, simple, hopefully absurd, a little angry, but imperfectly complete.

special thanks to my son and my wife, to my amá and apá, my sisters far away, and my friends dust and ahren and ryan. you all remind me I am a human being. and also, thank you for taking the time to stop by.

note: this album features swears, loud noises, weird sounds, and unsurprisingly: some sacrilege. hopefully the light-hearted music will make it all ok, but proceed at your own risk.

you can listen to it here.