Son Notes.

In recent months, I’ve been taken with the idea of a commonplace book/inspiration journal. These are wonderful repositories of quotes, tidbits and other pieces of meaningful consumption you may want to keep for future reference.

With this in mind, I started creating a commonplace book more along the lines of creative inspiration, uplifting quotes, and good old life advice to remind myself that Im going in the right direction.

Then a curious thing happened: A few pages in, I was already collecting quotes from podcasts and articles, when I realized I was unwittingly collecting them for my son.

My son is going to be ten years old in a few months. I am so incredibly proud of him. His joy, his humor, his curiosity. What better way to help him along than to catalog positive thoughts on how to live a good life? What is a good life, how do you wrestle with meaning, how does one go about nourishing oneself in this chaotic world? These days, our children must figure out a vast and complicated society, all the while figuring themselves out too. I want him to know I’ve tried my best to give him as many tools as I could to face his future. I don’t want him to struggle as much as I did to find my footing in adulthood.

So this is my plan for 2023. And it puts a smile on my face. That’s it.

Also, I just have to mention: I’ll be using this gorgeous journal from Minimalist Art for my wisdom project! It has made for an excellent writing experience so far. Good fountain pen paper, good feel all around. A hell of a deal for the paper quality alone. I’ll have to get more of these soon!

Read this article for more about commonplace books:

Go make a dent. Much love,