or, gathered bits of life and art that inspired me this week.

I used to call this type of post the noteworthy links, but I think this may be a better format. I’m sad to say goodbye to the bullet points, I liked those. Regardless, here’s a few things I liked this week:


The main thing I learned is that the more I can forget about being embarrassed when I make something, the more it is going to mean something to somebody else. I can’t anticipate what it’s going to be or how it’s going to be perceived, so the quicker I let go of something I make, the better.

Jeff Tweedy


Madd and I watched the Director’s Cut of Amadeus, one of our favorite movies. It led us down this midnight Wikipedia path to unspool what little facts exist about Mozart‘s untimely death. I have the Amadeus play on my shelf so I will revisit this absolute treasure of a script later this week. What a well-made masterpiece from the great Peter Shaffer.


I was grumpy and sleepless that day. Without looking out the window, I stepped out for a short walk around the block and found it was 30 degrees and raining outside. Wyoming weather is erratic, you know? I had my headphones on, and for a minute, I wasn’t sure if I should head back inside, or move forward. I put on a good song and kept walking. Out there in the cold was a smile I had been looking for all morning.


Musically, the 80s were something else, man… One of my favorite songs of all time is The Church’s dreamy and melancholy-drenched track Under the Milky Way. Like many of my generation, I first learned of this song when it was featured in the Donnie Darko soundtrack. I was immediately struck by its strange melody and that sick bass line. I adore how the bass line nonchalantly contributes such cool confidence to the song. Every time I hear it, I am all smiles as the song inevitably ushers me into daydream. Just brilliant!

Also, I found this awesome conversation by Professor of Rock with Steve Kilbey from The Church, talking about the origin of this beautiful song. I guess I’ll just have to listen to the entire Starfish album again this weekend!

That’s it. Go make a dent. Much love,


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