Manifest: A Preface on Idlewind Collective


7.23.16 Reborn (a story for a later date, photo by me).

I want to make art and create and collaborate once again. I took a little break. Enough’s enough.

That’s why Idlewind Collective is here:

To humanize the Other (and one another).

To allow me to make art and help you make art, if you’re a scribe with a dayjob in need of a nudge.

To give my friends an opportunity to showcase their work.

And other cool things we haven’t thought up yet.

Idlewind Collective, at this time, consists of a few great collaborator friends and myself. We want to give you art, and we want you to make art. No matter where you live, you deserve to have art enriching your life.

I want to do better. I want to get involved. Help my community in the only way I know how: by creating stories that speak of empathy and humanity and how to begin conversations about the things that hurt and divide us. I want my son to know I tried making a difference. And I want to make art again. Anyone sharing these ideals is more than welcome here.

I will be documenting my progress here. I hope you join me on this journey for as long as you wish. Or you can bail. Or come back. That’s cool too. We’ll see where this takes us.

-Jaime Alejandro

UPDATE: Writing Prompts now available on Instagram, follow us @idlewindwy!

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