Will transparency yield more creativity?

I’m trying to be more transparent about my process and who I am. Not just to the outside world, but to myself. Sometimes, the default choice is to keep an opinion to myself, keep quiet. It has served me well a few times, but the healthier option is to be more open and find that eagerness to communicate. I believe if I’m honest with myself, that honesty will reflect on the page or any other creative goal.

This is what it’s all about: not just refining your voice, but find the decibels that work for you. Currently, the recordings on Addendum have been incredibly helpful in gauging where I stand on this journey. The Anchor app is probably my favorite thing in the world right now. It’s so versatile and fun, and the format really challenges me in the best way. I’m trying to record as often as possible, voicing my approach on writing, as well as work/life balance. I have a long way to go, but it’s a tremendous feeling to reach out into the nebulous internet and advocate for something that is so important to me: the fight to stay creative and positive in a world that seems unwelcoming.

Most of the time, these ideas and notions just collect dust in my head and eventually fade. Unvoiced and unfulfilled. I don’t want that to become my default setting. Starting these recordings is allowing me to see through pessimism, and is helping me get back to that purest love for the creative process! What I am getting at is this: please don’t have any reservations about starting that next story, that poem, that podcast, that short film, that song that you have had in your heart for ages. To bring positive creative energy into the world is scary, but it’s something the world needs now more than ever.

As for me, I’ll be ready to start doing interviews for the proper show, The Talking Text Podcast, most likely next week. Wish me luck!

Make art. Make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro.

Visit my novice ramblings at https://anchor.fm/addendum?at=2423609

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