Letter to you, Void. (from Idlewind #1)

I’ve been trying left and right to express myself, but nothing works anymore. Social media is too much for me at times, I can’t rotoscope, sell, or innovate fast enough for youtube, no instagram filter is kind enough to my physique (and they told me that is needed if you want to beat the algorithm). An opinion-less voice makes for ugly hearing on an app made for your ears. Wit evades my tweets, leaving me a twit. Out of insight and personality when the reddit comment is typed: so I delete it. Get rid of it.

This has been me for a long time now. So I am putting those notions in the trash. Nobody asked, I didn’t ask either. But here I am receiving the creative impulse and letting it live. I’m ready to make art for me again. The curious stuff. Random stuff. That which doesn’t fit the narrative. The stuff of beauty. The little stuff you can take with you and breathe it in like dead silence in rush hour. What you and I really need to get by. That’s the honest stuff that really captivates. That’s the stuff I want to share with you.

I used to refine and tweak endlessly. I used to sacrifice for craft. I used to believe in a creative process. Social media and distractions didn’t rob me of it. My own hands yanked that desire out of my insides and removed it. So let’s get back to work. Life is good so long as these hands are building the track. The train will take care of the rest.

It feels good to have Issue #1. I’m very tired. But this is only the beginning.

Make art. Make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro

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