A home for Cultured Animal archives, and a return to lo-fi music-making.

It’s time I upload the music archives in case a fire takes my hard drives and compact discs and engulfs my memories into a hellish red nightmare. That’s just the worst case scenario, but I figured it’s time to share about fifteen years of music that currently collects dust down in the basement. I used to make music as Cultured Animal, but I killed the notion, like a bad habit. Sometimes it takes a while, but eventually, that which is in your veins returns. I’ll write at length about this in the coming year, but suffice it to say at this time: It feels good to listen to myself. That said, it’s time I find a good place online to just leave the archive be, as well as any other new Cultured Animal tracks. Audiomack is free, so I chose to take that option! I’ll try to curate the best of the lot, since there’s a lot of crap in there. It’s a great feeling to let go of the past, air out the things your soul wanted to say long ago. Now that I am feeling more comfortable as an adult, I can exorcise these artifacts of joy and sadness and creative spark that made me smile more often than not. These songs were my journal entries. Today I rip the pages out of the journal and scatter them to the four winds. And that is okay. If there is joy in your heart, don’t hold anything in, don’t hold back.


From the EP Post Chunk Era. This is the latest track I’ve recorded.


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