The typical update about reshuffling priorities.

My middle name is erratic. I have been so gung-ho about producing work and content that my inconsistent output is my only constant these days. Again, I’m revisiting this challenge of finding time to be creative. Since things are wild right now, I figure this might be the fastest way to get the word out:

  1. I’m currently offline from social media Monday-Friday, specifically from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using Reddit and other apps sparingly. I just can’t keep myself on track if I continue wasting time on these networks. Social Media Blackout it is.
  2. The Creative Drive Podcast is on hold for the summer. Something had to give before the jenga tower fell. It will come back eventually, and that is okay.
  3. Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast will still be going strong!
  4. No more video projects for now until I finish what’s on my plate.
  5. I should be able to post here every now and then. Might be easier this way.

I’m doing this because something has to change. It is my great hope that this time to refocus will mean more quality family time, more learning, and more writing/recording.

Stay tuned folks! And Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers out there,


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