Into the Weeds

When I was working as a videographer, I didn’t do a good job on my lawn-care. The wedding industry in Wyoming crams a year’s worth of business into the summer months, so watching the grass grow just wasn’t a priority when the deadlines clawed at my heels. 

As I type, there is an obnoxious weed stifling the grass so horribly I fear I’ll have to start over with grass seed in the fall for next year. It is what it is. The weed is curious though. This weed with the tiny yellow flower, doesn’t sprout upward, but rather, stretches out on all sides on a quest to hug as far as it can reach. It’s a tough, greedy one. And I haven’t had much luck killing it.

If you really think about it, this isn’t an issue that cropped up overnight. This weed made itself cozy while I prioritized work. One of the reasons I left the video business was a complete lack of balance. Yes, this happens often in the freelancer and small business world, but I can’t completely blame my shortcomings on the nature of the beast. Your approach is a reflection of your priorities–Your values, passions, what drives you. I never seriously considered those questions until I let it all get out of hand. Is the lawn that important to me? Do I care what my neighbors think about my lawn? And more broadly, what do I care about? How am I going to spend more quality time with my family? What do I want to pursue and how am I going to pursue it?

To be rid of an infestation is not a short term goal. I didn’t know how to prioritize and balance the work and life balance of my life, so the weeds took over. Now I find it’s not so much about watching the grass grow, but about monitoring and maintaining it.

Usually I’m the kind of person who avoids getting into the weeds because I hate the minutiae of it. The hardship of assorting everything in your life that’s gotten out of hand. However, I’m reminding myself this is my own doing, and I must handle the problem before I resort to that grass-less Southwest lawn style. Let’s not go there.

I have to go now, I hope you have a vibrant, joyful weekend!


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