Noteworthy 8.10.19

Hello folks,

I have been trying to get this out for the last few days and I finally made it to the blog! Get to your recliner, relax, and enjoy some of the latest web findings to get us back to our creativity!

  1. We lost Toni Morrison this week. In her honor, let’s take a look at this superb advice on failure.
  2. Elliott Smith’s birthday was on August 6th. A light we lost much too soon but will leave behind some incomparable songs. I leave you with one of my favorite moments captured on video: Elliot as the first guest on the ill-fated Jon Brion Show, what a timeless artifact for us to enjoy now. Thank you Elliott.
  3. This week in Mississippi, an image of a little girl broke my heart. Hundreds of illegal immigrants now detained, have no idea what is to happen to their children or who will care for them. I saw my child in that photo and I simply could not bear it anymore. May our children never know this trauma and suffering this helpless little girl is going through. I never thought I would see this cruelty in our country. We cannot continue to do this. We are better than this.
  4. Yes it’s been a shitty week, but for the time being, let’s bask in the wholesome awesomeness that is Gullermo being a badass mentor for all of us.

Please take care of yourselves tonight. Embraced your loved ones. Be well, friends.


If you don’t feel so good about this entire week, just enjoy your cumbia! Happy Weekend!

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