CD24 – Two Steps to Start Making Art + Courage to Share Your Creativity

Some stream of consciousness musings and conclusions:

Step 1. Produce and create unashamedly. Step 2. Collaboration fuels and accelerates creative improvement.

I’d also like to share an anecdote about talented friends bailing out my art. It happens.

Have you ever had a project completely transform for the better through tough collaboration? I would love to hear your story. Let me know here:

Much love,



  1. Though yes you do have to produce unashamedly, faking it until you make it so to speak, I am not sure collaboration is always a creative sparking. If you don’t have good collaborators it quite kills it in fact. Regarding being confident, writers and photographic artists like myself have to really work for it more than in some fields because we are kind of out there on a limb pouring out our soul on something that is often subjective. The key is to keep learning. Keep trying. That is how I am making it in my crafts.

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    1. J. Alejandro says:

      I love this perspective Y. Hope! Your kind of thinking is what I’m hoping to achieve. As a writer, I love to isolate and produce poetry and characters on journeys on paper. This is somewhat at odds with my background as a theater maker and director, which pushed me out of my comfort zone to create primarily through collaboration. I’m thinking the key is in identifying what kind of work needs collaboration at all. Some works do need to come from you and you alone. I appreciate your comment, it’s making me think about what my perspective actually is and how I can refine it! Happy writing today!

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