Affirmations 3.11.20

  • You can always adjust. The whole house came down with a cold and we’ve spent most of our time sleeping. Today I’m finally feeling like myself, but it feels as if I postponed a lot in the last week. I have three podcast episodes of Creative Drive in the can, just never got the chance to upload. Madd and I didn’t podcast this last week, so we’ll try again in the coming days. Still chipping at the second part of my mockumentary script but getting tired of it. It sucks, the time-frame is all off and we’ve technically lost two weeks of consistent content, but it’s not the end of the world. As long as the family gets healthier in the next day or so, we will be back up to speed. Adapting is the name of the game.

  • Sometimes the little things are monumental for the self. Started the idea notebook now that I got my Lochby Field Journal! This thing is gorgeous and I’m super excited I get to invest in myself and my work. My first entry went in today. Starting with five observations, ideas, or “seeds” to be used on a story down the road. Feeling good today.

  • It’s hard to narrow down your purpose. Your mission. The time comes when you eventually have to make a choice. I have a couple of creatives interested in my idea of doing a podcast for working class creatives. I want to go on a mission to extrapolate the strategies and habits of working class creatives to communicate the good that creativity can bring to anyone and everyone, not just the creatives doing it for a living. I’ve tip-toed around this mission for a while now. It’s very important to me, but suddenly it feels as if I’m too afraid to let go of the things that aren’t serving my creative and community purpose. I want to bring awareness to the arts and remove the stigma that the arts are only for an elite few, or the classically trained, or the ones in the big cities. Art belongs to everyone. I may have to let go of some commitments to make this a reality.

  • Also, who doesn’t love to experiment with more podcast gear??? Here’s a post from my wonderful time this weekend helping our good friend Jess setup her next podcasting endeavor. So much fun!

Much love,


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