Cosmos Eventually (A Postponed Project Complete)

I made peace with this heart that longs for you
across valleys of heaven and light and cosmic radiation.
And the things I've done, I may come to regret,
but going rogue with a ship weighs heavy even in space.

... And I ask myself why love has led me to this?

I took hold of the cargo ship one morning in twenty one o' three.
Hundreds of speed runs under my belt
led the smugglers to offer a way out for me:
6 million credits for two hundred souls
and passage to Ursa Minor.

Hopeful souls and a cargo ship and I would be diviner…

I took their life in my hands and I followed the sun;
The distant pinhole, a mark on the darkest horizon.
To see my Valerie, light years away, once again
and then the passengers quietly voicing:

How does the sun keep a count of the times we spin?
Or does the sun lack a mind and a soul to exist?
Or does it have an opinion of life and its value?
Or does it frown or cheer when the best team wins?

How does the nebula breathe when it spreads over time?
And does it tremble for air during love at first sight?
I wish the universe told me the way
to feel,
as my hands, they struggle with the wheel

And out here, there's room for questions...

I took stock of the lives to be lost on my scheme:
Two hundred plus were the women and children and dreamers,
to the new land, summoned by husbands and brethren
Risking death and health through the asteroid belts
There's a price to pay but they'll reach you, eventually...

And they ask...

How does a melody carry across constellations
as a constant letter of justification,
across this vast eternal place?
How does the train find its way to the nearest station?

How does the comet pretend that its fine as it flees?
All the while it refuses to see that it's melting--
And falling apart, remaining calm,
with every tired revolution round the sun...

And as they huddled together in the cargo bay
unaware that their journey would come to an end,
because discarding the faceless out is the only way.
And money was made.
And then we robbed them of their faith.

And my beating heart rings inside my ears
as I'm letting go of the precious cargo,
Life leaves the bodies, so leaves the fear,
and I wonder why in the Cosmos I've committed such a thing?

There's a place I want to be, and it calls me...
There's a place I want to be, and she called to me...
Valerie, Valerie:
There's a price to pay but I'll reach you, eventually.

© J. Alejandro

Prior to the quarantine, I had begun writing a set of lyrics for a collaboration with a musician on Reddit. I had done most of the writing based on this prompt to write lyrics about “space.” It’s a fairly vast canvas to create from, so I started right away. Due to COVID19 and being an essential worker, I had to put off this project just as I was about to complete it. With some time on my hands this week, I went back to it and worked on that last verse that had eluded me last month. I took one good sitting to go over it again and tried to bulk up the theme from beginning to end and now, I feel pretty happy about it. Hopefully, there will be music under it in the near future. On to the next one for now!

Stay safe, friends. Much love,


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