Affirmations 4.17.20 (and now accepting poetry, flash fiction, and monologues for podcast readings!)

  • I need to hear poetry in my life again, and be a part of it. I want to recite it and make it a part of my daily life. I’m longing to perform and use my voice and have fun! I’m firing up a new phase of the Creative Drive Podcast to offer a new space for collaboration: Let me recite and narrate your short works! I will be offering poetry, flash fiction, and monologue readings on the pod, I just need your help! This is an affirmation of my soul. A labor of love. A chance to get to know you and your work, one short piece at a time. Send me your work!
  • No matter how tired I am, I am pushing myself to write again. I finished my lyrics this week, and this weekend, my writing project is to hash out the second half of my mockumentary script. I just need ten more pages. It’s doable. It just got scarier in my head because of how long it’s been since I scribbled on a page. Writing gets scary when you get away from it for a while. For me, writing has always been a cocktail of fear, laziness and distraction. I am tackling laziness by doing. I am tackling distractions by making a list and checking it twice. I am tackling fear by taking baby steps into the dark. I will fight this. I will get it done. I will overcome. It’s no big deal. It’s getting to be fun, and less of a chore. You can do it too!
  • Adjust as much as possible. The scales have balanced this week from a busy workload to copious servings of creativity. I’ve gotten a lot done, but now feel as if I could be there for my family more. Even in quarantine, there is emotional distance to overcome. I will try to make my way back to a healthy balance, thinking of new activities and fun things to do as a family.
  • Music that heals and inspires. On my way home to listen to the new Fiona Apple album. Looking forward to this.
  • Haircuts are important. I understand now.
Creative Drive Podcast
Also, new logo!

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