First Thoughts of 4.19.20 (voice over work, date nights, and late nights)

  • Had too much coffee today and it disrupted the sleep cycle. Witching hour is almost here and I am successfully wide awake. I’m dreaming of good music from the early 2000s. I’m realizing Beulah’s The Coast is Never Clear is one of my favorite albums of all time, and it breaks my heart not many people are aware of its existence. It’s a new era, and solid, well written and well crafted pop songs are out of fashion, it seems. It’s a shame. But we still listen, even though it feels like my first summer of college was centuries ago, and the album is a brittle echo of that time. And I cherish it deeply.

  • Madd and I are looking forward to start using the newly established sound booth/walk-in closet for voice over and narration purposes. We’re finally going to put our acting background to good use after all this time and start auditioning for narration work. There will be a period of adapting, for sure, but we are excited to get the ball rolling on it! More to come!

  • Madd and I had an amazing date night and we needed it badly. Working as essential employees for several weeks now, it has taken a toll on us emotionally and we needed a short break. Our kid got a sleepover at Grandma’s and we took an evening to remind ourselves what it’s like to be a couple. Even the strongest relationships need care and nurturing. Yes, it’s weird to have a date night during quarantine, but we tried. An evening chilling on the couch, dinner delivered, making each other laugh, and going out only for a long drive to listen to music… This was beautiful time to breathe. What more could we ask for in the midst this difficult time? Monday will come soon enough, but the value of hitting the pause button on the big stuff is such a relief I could just cry with joy. I hate this situation and I can’t wait for it to get back to a time when people were not dying and folks could go back to their jobs, but somewhere deep in my naivety, I know much of our country and world will not be the same. There are heavy lessons to be taken from this pandemic. Heavy as the burden of it all sits on our minds and hearts, we have to breathe. I hope you all have a moment to breathe too, and I send you good vibes and well wishes.

Much love,


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