Belief and Relief 5.7.20

  • I wrote a monologue today. 3 handwritten pages is enough to boost one’s confidence. If you’re bored, pick a location in your town and set your monologue there. That’s what I did and it worked quite well today.
  • Last night, I watched The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. Probably the best thing Roland Emmerich has done. With that sweeping soundtrack by John Williams, and a lush production design, it captivated me for most of the run time. It gets pretty ham-fisted at times, in particular, when it tries to have a conversation on racism (militia dude not wanting the slave to have guns, etc.). Overall, my nostalgia sent it over the edge and I enjoyed it still. Jason Isaacs is brilliant, and he patches over much of the movie’s flaws with a terrific, cruel performance. Ever since my first watch, I’ve been terrified of him. I love watching movies I loved back in the day, especially if the protagonist is a parent. I mourned their familial grief and it was all the more engrossing. Good stuff.
  • Haikus are back on the menu. I made a pocket journal out of fine resume paper and have been using it to write short poems and ideas in five minute spurts. I kinda of like it even though it all seems disposable.

I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Much love,


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