Two hours.

I put my phone away at 9pm. My loved ones in bed and resting. I roamed my house in darkness and felt the comfort of each floor as the roar of the wind was only heard, like a hum. I cataloged my blank journals, and admired the paper quality, like a nerd. I anticipated what I would write in their pages; a script on the larger notepads, lyrics on the A5 spiral notebooks for accessibility, short stories on the case bound journals, etc. It was wonderful. Then I went to my desk, and made a list of my dream projects I want to complete.

Then I started working on the first one.

I wasn’t distracted. The scant energy in my heart and soul from a long day were just enough for me to write, and make real progress on something.

I went to bed at 11pm. Overjoyed, and renewed, and eager to do the same thing tonight.

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