CD34 – The Time We Had by Susana Ramirez

Big show today! We’re back in business featuring a personal essay in dramatic form! The Time We Had, by Susana Ramirez.

Susana Ramirez is a wife and mother of two. She is the Founder of Save The Sharks, a South Florida non-profit organization working to promote healthier shark populations through education, research and outreach. Susana immigrated from Cuba, living in Finland before settling in the U.S. She began writing at an early age, focusing on conservation work throughout the world. Today, she understands the power in having a voice and hopes her words can have an impact on others, leading to a global shift on how humans interact with wild animals and their environments.

Find Susana on Twitter @susanaiswriting and check out Save The Sharks! This piece was originally published in The Selkie:

Brenda Zamora is an L.A. based actor, follow her adventures on Instagram!

Produced by J. Alejandro. Visit, a place for working class creatives!

MUSIC FEATURED: Dreamsphere 7 by Sascha Ende Link: License: Calm In The Night by MusicLFiles Link: License: 5 vor 12 by Sascha Ende Link: License:

On the Edge of Forever – Simple Piano Medley 1- Freezing by Warm by Meydan:


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