Status Report 7.19.20

So here’s the latest from the working class creative who wants to find more time and progress:

  • The Master List is Working! (Back in Mid-May, I wrote down all the projects I have been postponing, and decided to tackle them one at a time!) It’s early. Very early. But I am sort of astonished that in two months, I’m experiencing a writing momentum I haven’t experienced in a few years. The writing is strong, but the recording projects have suffered. I only did one episode of The Writing Record this week, and we had a setback with Creative Drive, waiting on some additions from the artist. Will work on those tonight, can’t wait to get started!
  • Poetry collection now on paperback. My foray into self-publishing has involved loads of learning. I’ll be covering how I went about setting up the paperback version on tomorrow’s Writing Record, and will be sharing thoughts on the digital setup once I get that done. (The cover was a nightmare…)
  • Finally, a decent draft! Writing a children’s book is a Writing 101 adventure in economy and letting go. Today, I wrapped up a draft I finally feel I can use as a foundation for rewrites, but I still have to lose 300 words or so! More to come on The Writing Record

More to come next week! Much love,


Let me know how your projects are going on Twitter @idlewy!

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