Creative Drive Podcast #36: Smoothing Out the Wrinkles by Samantha Terrell

Hello there,

Today it’s a pleasure to bring you “Smoothing Out the Wrinkles” a poem by Samantha Terrell.

Samantha Terrell is an American poet raised in the Midwest, whose work emphasizes emotional integrity and social justice. Her work has been published in Dove Tales by Writing for Peace, Ebola chapbook (West Chester University), Poetry Quarterly (Pennsylvania), and many other online and in-print journals. She and her family reside in Upstate NY. You can find her on Twitter @honestypoetry.

Check out Samantha’s website for more of her work!

Stop by to submit your work, and to discover more stuff by and for working class creatives!

Much love,


Produced by J. Alejandro @idlewy | Sound effects obtained from | Special thanks to Dust Jones @ Speer Productions!

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