Rest Week

As an essential worker, I’ve been working in a complicated and stressful work environment for five months. It’s been incredibly rewarding to try to help people in difficult situations, but like the entire country, I am exhausted. I am tremendously grateful that I am still employed during this unsettling time. But I got a week off to breathe and spend time with my family. I’ll be looking over what I’ve done this year and what will be coming.

  • Fired up my old Nook eReader and holy shit, it still works! I loaded up some books I’ll be reading this year and next, including Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore, and some Vonnegut and Bradbury for good measure. The best way to fall in love with writing again is to fall in love with reading.
  • I ordered two novels I have been meaning to read ever since I saw their film adaptations: Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon, and Sideways, by Rex Pickett. From the moment I saw the film versions of these stories, I absolutely fell in love with them. And now I am excited to look at the source material and explore what makes these stories so intriguing to me.
  • Since the beginning of the year, I have been working with my friends at A Better Beauty Business setup their podcast and other multimedia content. While their endeavors are specifically about starting and maintaining a beauty business, it’s been such an incredible experience learning from Jess and Heidi about the pursuit of clear goals. I am learning to assess my goals in life and how to reach them. We’ll be working on more content soon!
  • Bought the first batch of camping supplies, we’re hoping to start out family camping adventures soon! Just a disclaimer: we are indoor people. We don’t do this outdoor thing, but we are about to change that! During this pandemic, it is essential we find self-care wherever we can get it. Camping may be that beautiful opportunity for us, so we’ll see what happens!

May this be a week of joy and peace for you. And creativity too!

Much love,


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