dictation leads to surprises

Dictation software is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s one of those pieces of technology that reminds me of how many advances we have at our fingertips to document and create. I was on a call recently, speaking Spanish over the phone, and forgot to turn off my dictation software. I had google docs open and as I walked away from the desk, the program transcribed my Spanish conversation into the word document as English. The result is the following poem. Nothing I said on the phone was actually mentioned in the poem, and it’s as if the computer tried to do its best to create a picture. I am baffled by the computer’s misguided and incredible reinterpretation of the sound of my voice. It’s a wonderful opportunity to let go and see things differently. I have decided I am going to try to create more of this type of work soon. It’s a complete reinvention and I love the unexpected turns it takes. Google Docs has a built in dictation software, so anyone can try! Have you tried collaborating with a dictation software? What were your results?

Much love,


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thus my DNA is still

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and nobody has started a loneliness on the lot

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must a Mona bougainvillea started

I see Mejia okay but I will take on this delay

will gamely begin as they

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yet a little cement

your problem okay million

Ahmad will think of the Libyan all 

yeah you that the opulent data

estate note that you have a new quarterly

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is the interest of the aesthete

they gave God for five or many

cryptic on the photos

okay, a million, is Daniel’s,


and lungs is not as they develop

multimedia in newness



we had the right

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