WR Status Report 9.25.20 (Video Test)

So it’s been ages since I’ve been in front of the camera, and since I plan to do some video work for the YouTube Channel and upcoming collaborations, I said to myself: what the hell? Let’s overcome these on-camera jitters and record something for the blog to see if I can get some practice. I gotta tell you, it’s way more bizarre to stare into that lens than I recalled…

So this time around I’m refining my schpiel about the Write/Rec Lab and share some collaboration plans for the weekend, as well as rambling about the mission statement: To rebuild my creative community, and lift my collaborators so we can create content and material that is bigger than any one of us!

I just grabbed my GH4 and strapped the Rode VideoMic on and started recording. One good thing about this exercise is that I have missed hitting that REC button and am reconsidering my initial desire to sell and downsize on video gear. We shall see!

Oh, and if you clicked this on accident and don’t know what the hell is happening, check out the Write/Rec Lab section for more info: https://idlewy.blog/writerec/

Ugh, here we go! Maybe I’ll feel more comfortable in the next one!

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