9.28.20 – Prioritizing the Spinning Plates (Video Test)

Experiment time! I rounded up some of my gear and recorded a video episode! You should probably watch it instead as I am not sure if the audio only version makes sense on its own, sorry! Trial and error happening at the moment!

A chaos weekend of creativity unfolded and this is the aftermath.

Also, I learned:

  • The video camera definitely messed with me, I guess I needed the practice after all! I really want to work on my content structure. Video content YouTube style needs more of a structure than audio, it seems.
  • Video editing is a blast, but takes forever. I’m seriously wanting to do more absurd cuts Vic Berger style, that man is a genius. Still unsure which way to go with this, more video content for the podcasts? Or nay? We’ll see.
  • You get your inner peace, your hope, your drive, from helping others. If you’re an artist/creator, your time is now: Go make something.

This is how I plan to handle multiple projects. Looking forward to working with my friends on so much fun stuff!!

Much love,


Twitter: @jwriterec

Instagram: @writerec

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