Bullet Points 10.7.20

Setbacks is the name of the game this week, but I am feeling good nonetheless. Using bullet points moving forward because it is faster, I can share my victories/updates, and it forces me to confront my failures and see where I need to improve. So far this week:

  • I failed. I did not complete the ten minute script for Craig and Kari this weekend. I can blame the kitchen sink, or the unnecessary video editing podcast experiment on Monday, or the workweek, but no: I did this to myself. I didn’t prioritize and gave in to a weekend of lethargy. I am hoping tonight’s the night and I will hash out a script from the outline I already have. I just need two hours or so. A few days may have passed me by, but the worst thing I can do is surrender the momentum. I refuse to capitulate!
  • When I finished the podcast episodes on Monday morning, I took a few minutes to lay down vocals for a demo my friend Dust and I have been working on for a while. Really proud of the lyrics, considering I wrote them late at night last week. This is the hopeful beginning of an EP collaboration!
  • New short film project coming along! First meeting went well with Jason, Dane, and myself. Reaching out to Jason this weekend about the storyboards and location scouting taking place in Laramie. We’ll see what the timeframe for this will be.
  • Forwarded a few ideas to my friend Ahren to consider doing animated interludes. I think we can get him on board for acting stuff too, so we’ll see how he feels about it.
  • I tried doing a video version of The Writing Record. I hated it. It’s not right for the show for some reason. But at least I figured out a multi-cam setup that works pretty well. In the future, I just have to pare down the video editing time because I can’t invest the hours into something that will look decent.
  • The Write/Rec Lab page doesn’t look lively enough. There’s a lot happening. I just need a better way to lay it out as a hub to showcase the spinning plates! I’m thinking of doing short videos about each video, like a progress report? Can’t visualize it yet. more to come!
  • Due to my work schedule, writing poetry consistently may be my most immediate way to get some writing in: Lunchtime, or winding down in the evening after the kid’s asleep may be the best time. Must. Write. It. In. The. Calendar.
  • Lastly, ICYMI, Anthony and I’s short film SEEK is now live on the Rode Film Competition website. I’m hoping to have a conversation with Anthony in the near future about the production process and how we collaborated on this great film that we are both so proud of! If you get a chance, please click on the link and vote!!! https://myrodereel.com/watch/9889

Much love,


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