SEEK: A New Short Film!

Our entry for the #myrodereel2020 short film competition!

A man in a forest, tortured by flashes of war and the joy of a child, must overcome his own demons and find a clearing before it’s too late.

Co-Directed by: Anthony Stengel and Jaime Cruz Written by: Jaime Cruz DP, Editor, Colorist: Anthony Stengel Man: Justin Wentz Lily: Kathryn Wentz Anthony Stengel


Behind the Scenes!

Shot on a Sunday afternoon at Casper Mountain, Wyoming. Check out this quick recap of the day!


Anthony Stengel is an award winning filmmaker and director based in Wyoming. He works as a freelance filmmaker and owns Stengel Media, a video production company which specializes in branded content, commercial and corporate work, documentary, and narrative filmmaking. Follow Anthony on Vimeo: Follow Anthony on Instagram:… For work inquiries:

Jaime Alejandro Cruz is a writer, podcaster, and arts advocate based in Wyoming. He currently produces The Writing Record and Creative Drive, podcasts to showcase and encourage the creativity of artists with day-jobs.

A Quick Script

After reaching out to Anthony about the Rode film competition, we began looking for a narrative that could be told visually, and of course, with the power of sound design. After a handful of calls, Anthony and I fleshed out an outline of points to cover, and I went to town on the script! I loved having such a close deadline, but also Anthony’s creative support to get it done quickly.

We only did a couple of revisions prior to planning the production. The great part about getting on the same page about what we wanted to achieve made the rest of the project incredibly easy!

Get on the same page as soon as possible, and work toward a singular vision.

Also, a very special thanks to Justin and his daughter, who did an incredible job bringing these characters to life!

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