Starting off on the right foot.

An update on what’s going on at the Write/Rec Lab!

Where did January go? I’m still unpacking 2020 and was supposed to be getting my shit together. Here’s what we have been working on this month:

  • Talked to Erin yesterday, we’re going to work on an audio monologue perhaps about yoga and the elitism, cultish nature of the industry, and other quirks. Will create google doc for us to start fiddling around. Will be an interesting challenge to create something aurally enticing, at the same time highlighting her insane talent as a performer. Custom monologue and new production challenges, here we come!
  • This weekend, Dane found a singer from Portugal on Fiverr to sing [Poor Prometheus] and it is enchanting and surreal. I’ve never had my words sung like this, and it was incredibly special. We have to deliberate and bring Ahren into the conversation whether this will be a good fit for the production or not. Lots to discuss. Ahren is hard at work on rendering and doing such an amazing job making the layers of the animation rich and exciting. This is a dream project come true.
  • Hopefully in the next month or so once the schedules line up, we should be starting a children’s book project with my dear friends Dani and Trevor. A little big tale close to my heart tentatively titled, The Big Friendship Flight. I can’t wait to start collaborating with these brilliant creative and driven minds.
  • Dust sent along the demo we recorded of, Cutter, the latest demo we recorded at his studio last week. It has some work but a great foundation. We spent a good hour originating a few ideas and I have some homework: to write two lyrics in the coming weeks with the kind of heartbreak or despair that one would hear in a song by Saliva. I’m really psyched about this because Dust is a phenomenal musician and I refuse to give him shitty lyrics.
  • Brenda’s focusing on auditions in L.A., but she just recorded a few episodes of Creative Drive and killed it. We’re working on getting her new mic setup so she’s pretty excited about that. I wrote her a short audio monologue that I’m hoping we can produce in the next month or so. All things at their own pace.
  • I’ve been thinking of Star Wars lately, thanks to a suggestion Anthony mentioned about hoping to do like a short homage film set in the planet Hoth. We’ll see if we can start scheming something. Treading into such fervent fandom is a bit intimidating and the lore is just overwhelming, but at least I can push myself out of my comfort zone to do something awesome.
  • I’ll be following up with Jason about his short film project, as well as Kari and Craig about our zoom project, see if we can pick up where we left off now that 2021 is here!
  • I’ve been meaning to design a cover for my dad’s singles, which will be coming out sometime in the next few months. I’m digging up some photos of him and trying to create something in the traditional mold of Mexican music. We’ll see what I can come up with, so that I can release his music online. He’s done covers of American country songs. Really happy that I can do this for him and get his music out there. He’s my hero.
  • No Writing Record Episode this month but will get back to it once the work schedule gets back to normal.
  • My son and I are chipping away, fashioning buildings and structures and monoliths in Minecraft’s creative mode. Nothing like getting to have a good time with my boy. I’m never short of inspiration around him.

It only took fifteen years or so, but this year is finally starting off the way I intended because for once, I am looking out and beyond myself. This year is indeed starting on the right foot, and I can’t thank my family and friends enough for that! Anyway, the year is long and I vow to reach out to more friends and bring more creative perspectives into the fold. As we pursue community, we have to remember that we don’t have to look very far. I know where my people are: they are here, at the ready, a multitude, offering support and art and joy. Now it’s my turn to give in return. Stay tuned for what’s to come! Check out our recent podcast episodes because there is a lot of new stuff over there.

Much love,


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