Note to Self 2.16.21

Welcome to another episode of thinking out loud:

  • Priority number one right now is getting Erin’s monologue squared away. I have a clear breakdown in my mind of the structure, but I’ve yet to go back to our shared document. I’m hung up on that familiar feeling of not knowing the specifics about a character’s field. Their pursuits. While I am fascinated with our generation’s obsession with purpose and purity of fulfilment, I find myself grasping at straws for the details. I just have to be okay writing a shitty outline so I can see it on paper. Then Erin can take it and we can mold it into something amazing! Okay, I feel better about that…
  • Ahren and Dane’s work on Prometheus has been such a light in recent weeks. I saved a screenshot of Ahren’s work on my desktop and I listen to Dane’s recordings often during these long days.
  • My son and I started casually podcasting at his request. He’s taken to it nicely and looks forward to talking into the microphone every weekend or so. We talk about Minecraft, and Roblox, and we ended our last episode with my boy making some sick beats on the tablet using BandLab. My son gives me reasons to be proud every single day, and that weekend was no exception. I recorded an episode of The Writing Record on my phone about being inspired by a child’s uninhibited curiosity, and how we can replicate it. That’s a lot to unpack, so I will be re-recording the episode and sharing it soon. Amazing the things you can learn from your children. I love you, son. You’re an incredible soul.
  • Interesting article. I think there’s a play here… Remote learning isn’t new: Radio instruction in the 1937 polio epidemic (
  • So far, I’ve written three poems in February. Not great, not terrible. The latest I wrote this morning after thinking of my grandfather this weekend. Born on Valentine’s Day. He was a tremendous human being and I can’t believe he has been gone almost twelve years. We miss him terribly, but hope to honor him every day with our kindness and positive actions. Love you, Pa Valente.

More to come on the other projects.

Stay safe out there. Make art. Make haste. Much love.


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