Inner Dialogue about Kubrick Bone

We can now see the surface of Mars as if we stood on its rusted sands.

I saw this beautifully stitched 360 panoramic shot of Mars by the Perseverance rover. How maddening that we can’t see our own humility in the distance between our planet and our red neighbor? How fucked up is it we still sit here throwing our bones at one another while a cosmic voyage can lead us to realizing our great human transgressions? I wish desperately to transcend. To become an astral being with infinite wisdom and clarity fit to know these unseen, untainted landscapes. I dunno. I dunno man. I thought of all these things in the tangle of my creature comforts, indulging in the human excess of snacking, ego, and Twitter. I can’t see beyond myself on most days. I dunno man. Is it possible to ruminate beyond earthly pleasure of sleeping and feeding, and the human impulse of carnage over progress? I dunno man. It gets pretty complicated. Like, you wanna be a star child but we got bills to pay ya know? I know I gotta get up early and I got to work like all day and when the day’s done I look up and I can’t see the skies because the pollution is up there in the clouds and in my eyes, and I just wanna go home and see my family because I got a shift coming up early in the mornin’ again and I hope we got pizza for dinner and maybe some Property Brothers or that singing competition show everyone likes.

I hope someone throws me a bone.

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