Yes, you can push a couch up the narrow stairs.

The Mortal Kombat 2021 Film will bring out the nostalgia I left in Mexico. Eye Stuff. Couch.

  • I am hyped for the new Mortal Kombat movie. I recorded this in February for The Writing Record and scrapped it, but it captures my love for the MK world so I figured what the hell, let’s get a few thoughts out there about being a Mexican kid falling in love with a video game and leaving for a new country. I sound a bit stuffy so just a heads up…
  • My pessimism is always let down the eye doctor. I go into that waiting room and anticipate ocular tragedy, only to be told my eyes are moderately bad and everything is gonna be okay. On Monday, I went in for my yearly visit and was told my prescription changed. He mentioned things like keeping an eye on your eyes, and potential myopic degeneration may be in the future. But the eyeball innards were intact and healthy. It felt like an hour of mixed signals: it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good at all, and everything’s gonna be fine stop worrying. Regardless, I walked out of there convinced my eyes are finally fulfilling that long announced promise to give up on the whole vision thing. This was a weird week.
  • We bought a couch with a pullout bed to turn our guest room on the second floor into a reading nook. It took three months to get to our doorstep and sat there for two weeks as Maddie and I figured out how to get the fucking thing up the stairs. We nervously walked about Home Depot figuring out how we would get this couch into the house, let along up the stair flight we imagine over and over again. We got home and try out the moving straps, stumbling in the great process of trial and error until we gain enough inertia to get the thing from one end of the garage to our door. We reached the point of no return, and we stubbornly persisted. In this ordeal, one of sheer determination or stupidity, you question your bones. You wonder if you can really take the weight. You consider what your life will be like when the couch comes sliding down the stairs to snap your leg in half at the foot of the stairs. The furniture in your home has turned on you and you are afraid. But in the idiocy of this task, Maddie and I found a willingness to push each other as hard as the furniture. We know our limits, we push each other in the best way. We listened to each other as we pushed one end of the couch in the air and tilted the thing upward and for a split second it could have come back down to flatten its misguided owners. We broke sweat, we persisted, we basket in the ecstasy of seeing the couch where it was meant to be. … So yes, you can push a couch up the narrow stairs, but you’re in your thirties. You’ve had a long week. And perhaps there are better ways to remind yourself persistence is key as long as you manage it in tandem with a carefully designed approach. Hire movers next time.
Me this month, aloof, alarmed, but still absurdly grateful.

Make art. Make haste. Much love,


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