Creative Drive Podcast #52 – 3 Poems by Linda Imbler

Hey all!

Happy National Poetry Month! Let’s get back on track with 3 wonderful poems by Linda Imbler!

  • Gray to Black
  • Ensorcelled Within the Moonlit Eyes of P’aqo
  • A Backyard Incident in St. Louis

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Linda Imbler is the author of five paperback poetry collections and three e-book collections (Soma Publishing.) This writer lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband, Mike the Luthier, several quite intelligent saltwater fish, and an ever-growing family of gorgeous guitars. Learn more

Narration by J. Alejandro and Madelyn Cruz

Music by descheveler

Creative Drive is an international podcast produced by J. Alejandro to bring visibility to poets and writers from all walks of life. If you have a sec, please subscribe and review this labor of love, and don’t forget to tell your writer friends! Your support would help us tremendously!

Now accepting 3 poems or flash fiction!

Acepto poesia y relatos cortos en español!

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