The Writing Record Podcast 4.9.21 – Monologue draft complete, I need cereal to write, and memories of audio

Hi there!
I’m testing the Zoom L8 to look into podcasting in our living room. I ran the file through noise reduction through Audacity a few times for minimal post and this is what we got. We’ll see what the living room recording process looks like in the future, but for now, this is what we have to work with. Excited to record this way!

Hi there, let’s talk and reminisce from the heart:

  • Today I finished the draft of Erin’s audio monologue!
  • Is it me, or do you have to eat a big bowl of cereal before finishing a draft?
  • Also, let’s go down memory lane and how audio memories get me in the right mindset to make stuff.
  • And I think I started a musical project for my dad

What a weird, honest episode. I liked it. Hope you come along, my friends.
Much love,

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