Note to Self 5.12.21

Our little booth is coming along…
  • Maddie and I began production on her next audiobook. The subject matter is right up our alley, and we learned so much from the previous project that it feels like we’re more prepared this time around. After our session, I spent last night working on our post production settings, mainly to polish the final product a bit more. Last time around, I worked extensively on a preset for Maddie’s voice to clean up any lingering room reverb, normalization, and EQ stuff. We also worked on upgrading our recording booth under the stairs, so we didn’t get a chance to record Creative Drive last week (though I’m super excited to record this week’s episode tonight in the new and improved space!) I struggle a lot with audio compression, so I’m looking to tinker with it a bit more because last time, I didn’t venture far into those waters.
  • I can’t pretend to be fully informed on the attacks on Gaza. I am not an activist, nor do I follow politics as well as I should. It’s too much to bear at times. As I read the news, however, I am struck by more grief and horror. I am heartbroken for the oppressed who are at risk this very moment. As writers, we often intellectualize, shove our heads up our asses, theorize to make sense of things, but some situations are simply a primal scream. Innocent people are dying. Children were not born to become collateral damage, no matter what. I found this poem on Twitter from Noor Hindi, and I can’t imagine a better time for it: Fuck Your Lecture on Craft, My People Are Dying by… | Poetry Magazine (

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