Creative Drive Podcast #57 – Baked Ziti, Flash Fiction by E.H. Davis

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Hello all,
Today we’re thrilled to present the flash fiction piece, “Baked Ziti” by E.H. Davis!

A FEW WORDS FROM THE AUTHOR: One thing was constant for me when as a boy I spent my New England summers lazing on the back porch, ignoring the allure of the nearby beach and the call of friends to devour the works of my favorite authors – I was determined to become a writer. I know, cliché, cliché; but clichés are often life’s first drafts – overwritten by struggle and accomplishment.
Nothing else would satisfy. No doubt I was being romantic, corrupted by the very books I loved. Still, I dreamed of living the rough-and-tumble life I’d only read about in the books of authors I admired, like London, Hemingway, Kerouac, and later Balzac, Henry Miller, and Mailer, and travel the world gathering experience for my own novels.
I’ve been writing through all the phases of my life, during good times and bad, in times of celebration and sorrow: marriage, births, deaths, and of the course the inevitable rejection by publishers and agents. The bulk of my writing is contained in ink-engorged journals, which I began in my twenties: some thirty notebooks in all. They’ve served as compost for the five screenplays, two novels (my M.A. graduate thesis and my debut novel My Wife’s Husband: A Family Thriller (Amazon, December 2019), a dozen published short stories, and a handful of essays, memoirs, film reviews, and occasional poems I’ve committed to ink.
As the saying goes, “Art is long and life is short.” I am grateful, still, to be building my “castles in the sky” and telling the stories that come from life keenly-observed and cherished.
For more information, check out the author Website!
Also check out E.H. Davis’ novel on Amazon!

Narrated by J. Alejandro

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