The Writing Record Podcast 5.14.21 – Ramble about Clubhouse, the Short Form, and UFOs while farting around on Bandlab.

The Writing Record is an accountability journal, a place to unpack the creative process, and a reminder that our art matters, no matter where we come from or how we pay the bills. Produced by J. Alejandro.

Lunchbreak episode where I decided to experiment with Bandlab during a podcast session, to test out a feature on my Zoom L8. And so today you get a very weird podcast about:

  • Clubhouse, it finally made it to Android and I ramble about that.
  • Embracing the short form on the Creative Drive Podcast.
  • UFOs. Researching and looking into the Benny and Betty Hill abduction story, as well as a few thoughts about the movie Prometheus.
  • Literally just farting around on Bandlab throughout.

I’m not sure if this will stay up, but a worthwhile experiment nonetheless.
Much love,

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