Gathered 6.14.21 – A cluster of inspiration

An assortment of content recommendations, project updates, and observations from a working class creative.

  • I have signed out of social media on my computers and my phone. I am struggling. I am out of the loop. An interesting realization that most of our time is spent on consumption, not useful observation. Be strong. You got this. I have signed out of my personal google drives to refrain from writing or focusing on extensive poetry endeavors in the middle of the day. I just have an email to send myself notes. This way the writing can be sharper. Under specific parameters, we can bloom.
  • I find that I give in to indulgence often. This morning, I stumbled on some videos that provided some clarity. I had no clue allergies could be exacerbated by an unhealthy liver. It’s making me rethink my diet and life choices up until this point. I’m not an alcoholic or anything, I just eat a lot of sweets. Nothing a healthy diet can’t improve. But alas, I am motivated to get in shape because my health should be a major priority in my life. I am not in my 20s anymore. I am reminding myself to be rid of everyday indulgences by finding anchors in the beautiful self-help resources online. Here’s this great video I am listening to right now to help me with this matter:
  • What takes away my quality time? Social media consumption. Indulging my food cravings. Sloth. The more I sit, the less energy I have.
  • Rethinking the title to the script I want to undertake once my commission is done. The American Workweek sounds like such an industrial, unappealing title, but it’s a banner that sits atop the idea and has been there for years now. This is my working-class quirky love story, with many twists and turns set over Thanksgiving week. It’s a long time dream I can’t wait to complete. It’s time I get this shit done. I got a white board outlining my creative calendar and it’s helped in the last two weeks. We’ll see if I can sustain this long term, because it feels like I am adding more and more to the pile of projects. Here’s a song that helped me go back to this story, whose characters I love so much:
  • On Saturday, the fireworks raced upward and I saw them from my backyard. The light show thundered in my bones and it was a wide feeling that created gaps around my heart, just for a moment. Is there a way to bottle this magic to use at will?
  • Listening to the entire Bill Evans discography on YouTube. Stay chill, go listen to jazz
  • This anecdote Bill Murray shared about a painting saving his life: Bill Murray Admits A Painting Saved His Life – YouTube
  • This article about imagery found in Japan, pretty beautiful. What a beautiful starting point for a project! Do you think we could set a ten minute play here? Photographer Captures the Magical Firefly Season in Japan (

Much love,


my backyard in flames.

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