Gathered 6.21.21 – A cluster of inspiration for creatives.

An assortment of content recommendations, project updates, and observations from a working class creative.

Check out this stuff I found on the internet to inspire myself:

  • Otherwise, I have been sifting the pan across this wide river called internet, hoping to find good soccer drills to use during soccer practice. Yes. I am coaching my son’s soccer team once again and it is one of the most joyous, rewarding things I get to do as a dad.

Make art. Make haste. Much love,


For Father’s Day weekend, the fam & I went camping. There, in the vast black, I was swept away by a sad story about dancing trees and family tragedy. Might be the next short story I tackle after I finish my audio drama. Maybe my good ideas only appear when I put my phone away…

Hello, my name is Jaime Alejandro. I write and record stories about outcasts, the Other, and the working class (check out my writing portfolio!). I feature your poetry/short fiction from all walks of life on the Creative Podcast.

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