Gathered 7.7.21 – Bits of gathered inspiration for creatives.

Content recommendations, project updates, and observations from a working class creative.

Hi there. Check this out:

  • Found this on Facebook. I don’t know if you need a facebook account to access it. Today from our Millennium Stage archives: Today from our Millennium Stage archives: Directed by D.C. choreographer Emily Oleson, this work features Urban Artistry, An International Culture and Education Project with Good Foot Dance Company and Baakari Wilder. The piece investigates the origins behind the term “buck dance,” which in tap dance history is used to describe an early American percussive dance style.
  • I shouldn’t be shocked anymore to hear these stories of rampant abuse in the entertainment industry. What is our responsibility as an audience, when we listen to works created by abused people and their abusers? How can we foster awareness, as a society, to consider where our music comes from, rather than being a passive listener? Doja Cat, Dr. Luke, and the Murky Ethics of Pop – The Atlantic
  • I don’t know what documentary this is from, but here is Chris Martin from Coldplay talking about how the song Yellow came to be. Say what you will about Coldplay, but their earlier albums were the soundtrack to my college years. Great song:

Make art. Make haste. Much love,


Hello, my name is Jaime Alejandro. I write and record stories about outcasts, the Other, and the working class (check out my writing portfolio!). I feature your poetry/short fiction from all walks of life on the Creative Podcast.

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