8.4.21 – That face when you delete your work and then cry in Spanish. And other project goals for August.

Content recommendations, project updates, and inspiration for working class creatives by Jaime Alejandro.

There are times when you just cannot get the writing done. A few weeks ago, I made the decision to scrap my rough draft of the Lava House commission and started over. Something felt wrong about the draft: the tone, the pace, the wordiness of it? It felt bloated. I picked up writing again shortly thereafter and now I’m back to where I started, with leaner scenes and I can already feel more balance in the narrative. It reads faster for sure. But this summer has had its share of distractions and unforeseen circumstances. I realize I only get my writing done when the entire day is scheduled, and now that my life plans and creative plans are in order, I can organize my days accordingly to include that writing once again.

I have several bullet journal templates I have designed and continue to tinker with, in order to find a balanced way to track and document progress in the areas of my life. 

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the enemy. I want to belong to these social spheres and the only way to attract momentum is by constantly sharing and updating. It’s exhausting. So I am forbidding myself from using social media at certain points in the day. Getting online can fluster or derail a day of productivity, so we must use it as a tool: only when needed.

Madd and I are going on our ten year wedding anniversary vacation this month. So here’s what I have to contend with before that (I have to write it all down so I can process what’s actually happening):

  • I have eight scenes to write in order to complete the script. Cutting out social media consumption may help me get over the line in August. Eight short scenes in ten days? Got it.
  • The [Poor Prometheus] animated project with Dane and Ahren slowed down a bit as everyone went back to work mid-year. It seemed like we hit a good pace of creativity only to be crushed down when the world decided to start back up. It’s been four months. Last week, I spent an hour recording vocals for the song that will underscore the animation. I am so so proud of Dane and Ahren. The orchestration is insanely moving and Ahren’s animation is so touching and heartbreaking. We’re working on something special, so I wanted the quality of the vocals to match the standard we’ve set for ourselves. I think I did a great job with them. I was very proud. And in a fit of stupidity, I decided to delete a few old files off the SD card when I accidentally deleted my entire recording session. Like an imbecile, I searched for hope to potentially recover my tracks, but nothing worked. I am at peace with it now, and look forward to recording the vocals again sometime this week.
  • I’m planning to have a reading of my friend Gabe’s short play. (check out my interview with Gabe about the screenwriting life and other ridiculous rants). Click here to listen!
  • Speaking of Arts Calling, my new podcast is now underway! I’m going to be doing an episode a week, which will be a beast of a task, but I have a list of wonderful creatives I am contacting to discuss hardships of being an artist, how to overcome, and why the arts are the gateway to understanding ourselves better and healthier communities too. Sounds cool! But a few changes: Creative Drive is twice a month now. OKA is twice a month. And the Writing Record will still be my solo show, which is ready for its next iteration. There is definitely a realignment happening right now, and I can’t wait to see how these projects start operating toward the same mission of serving working class creatives.
  • Current pending projects: Short collab with Craig, Erin’s audio monologue, Madd’s audiobook, Brenda’s audio monologue. I’m hoping to follow up in September about these. 

Whew, that’s a bit. But it reads like a good way to tackle August. Stay sharp, full speed ahead, and make art!


Hello, my name is Jaime Alejandro. I write and record absurd stories about the Other, and the working class (check out my writing portfolio!). Check out our podcasts about the arts and other stuff too! https://cruzfolio.com/podcasts

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