Arts Calling Podcast #6 | Madelyn Dorta | Audio narratives, sibling collaborations, and building your community

Arts Calling is a podcast to celebrate creatives across disciplines and cultural backgrounds, but also a case for the arts as the gateway to empathy, healthy lives, and strong communities.

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Hi friends,

Today I am so excited to be arts calling writer/creator/producer Madelyn Dorta! We had an incredibly inspiring conversation about audio narratives, and how Madelyn and her sibling collaborators are creating outstanding work on their own terms at Wrightwood Studios. Hope you join us!

A few words from Madelyn:
At the age of six, I got superpowers. That’s what I thought at the time. I had the ability to pick up a #2 Ticonderoga pencil and create worlds. I could create great kingdoms, giant monsters, and badass heroines who saved the day. I had the power to create. This superpower has evolved many times through the course of my life and morphed into something different, the NEED to create. The annoying itch that can’t be scratched with anything other than storytelling, trust me…I’ve tried.
I created Meteor City in a desperate attempt to get a story out of my mind. A story that was consuming all of my waking thoughts and my dreams sometimes too. A story of afrolatina woman who tries desperately to understand and recognize the world and her community around her. Through this journey, I found my passion for audio storytelling and there is no turning back.

My creations:

Meteor City

Covencast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic – co-created with Amber Bulinski

Feminist Fairytales: Lina – Coming Soon

Follow Madelyn on Instagram! For more information, check out Wrightwood Studios!

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