The Writing Record Podcast 9.24.21 – I made a movie a long time ago, thanks to my amazing friends, and my own delusion.

The Writing Record is about unpacking the creative process, gathering inspiration from around the web, and a reminder that our art matters, no matter where we come from! Produced by J. Alejandro.

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Hi there,

We made a film a while back. I think it’s time I celebrate my friends’ performances in this project. I am forever grateful they helped bring to life a culminating piece in my Idlewind stories.
That film project is called The Tumble, featuring characters from several of my stage plays, and I’ll be re-releasing it this year with some corrections and sound updates.

I talk about some no budget lessons I learned during shooting the project when my son was 8 months old. Sometimes you need the trust of your loved ones, your ensemble, and a little bit of delusion, to have a learning experience.

Much love,


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