The Writing Record Podcast 10.29.21 – Soapbox rant on thinking locally, 2 spooky movies, 2 links to inspire

The Writing Record is about unpacking the creative process, gathering inspiration from around the web, and a reminder that our art matters, no matter where we come from! Produced by J. Alejandro.

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Hi there,

Back on track! I’ve been thinking this month of not only spooky things, but how to be more actively in my local creative community. This is when the soapbox comes out, while I desperately watch the words out of my mouth slip down my chin like a river on its way to the delta of clarity.

Anyway, here’s a few things to start writing about:

Turnip Jack-o’-Lanterns Are the Root of All Evil – Atlas Obscura

And I saw two scary movies I’m highly recommending:

La Llorona, an outstanding film from Guatemala.
Red Dragon, one of my favorites.

Make art. Much love,


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