Creative Drive Podcast #68 | Poems by B.I.W.

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Hi there,

Welcome to Creative Drive! Today we feature poetry by B.I.W. (Beauty in Words)! Please stop by her social media, as I believe her work is fully realized with the visual components and collaborations this artist creates.

Three poems: the Queen’s regime | winter, spring, summer | insects irritation

About the author: b.i.w is the pen name of an upcoming anonymous online poet/writer, sole founder and creator of the instagram page @beauty_in_words._ and built up her following from there. Her content varies from both short and long poems, in both modern and traditional style, illustrated by other artists on the platform. She provides other things related to the field of creation such as books and movie recommendations, as well as reviews. Her poems have been published in several print and online publications, including witchesnpink, Dizzie magazine, Twist in Time Literary Mag, spoken word scratch night and she has been featured and guested on many podcasts such as “Art of Bombing” “Poets Return” and “Mind in the Moon.”

Social Media : Instagram: beauty_in_words._ Facebook: b.i.w poetry Tiktok: beauty_in_words._

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Produced by J. Alejandro | Original music by Cultured Animal

Creative Drive is an international podcast produced by J. Alejandro to bring visibility to poets and writers from all walks of life. Want to help the podcast? Subscribe and Review this labor of love, and don’t forget to tell your writer friends! For more information, visit

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