The Writing Record Podcast 11.19.21 – The Writing Record on hold.

The Writing Record is about unpacking the creative process, gathering inspiration from around the web, and a reminder that our art matters, no matter where we come from! Produced by J. Alejandro.

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Hi friends,

It pains me to do this. It pains me to let go of projects I enjoy doing so much, but oftentimes, life is a lot to accommodate and a decision had to be made. I’m cutting down on a few creative things to make sure I can deliver awesome episodes of Arts Calling and Creative Drive! I’ll be sharing behind the scenes updates in another fashion, but for now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to listen. You really are quite awesome. Make art. Much love,


P.S. The episodes aren’t going anywhere though. I will remain an optimist and maybe, if time allows in the future, you may see TWR come back someday!

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