Arts Calling Podcast #42 Kellie Scott-Reed | Cemeteries, a press for friends, and total creative expression

Arts Calling is a podcast to celebrate creatives across disciplines and cultural backgrounds making art no matter where they are. A case for the arts as the gateway to empathy, healthy lives, and strong communities.

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Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by! Today I am so thrilled to be arts calling Kellie Scott-Reed!

About Kellie:

Assistant editor in chief of Roi Faineant Press: An enthusiast who can’t be bothered with the negative things to say. The tail to many comets,  the starfish savior, the harbinger of partially good news. Brushes with fame but not famous. A songwriter, a  poet, a short-story-at-work-when-I-should-be-doing-my-job-writer; I seek to live as many” truths” as one skin suit can without tearing at the seams. Justice is my hobby.

She writes songs for the band Fivehead that can be found on iTunes or Spotify. You can find her work all round, scattered about. She is a very happy person, and therefore loves dark things.

Stop by Roi Fainéant Press!

Visit YouTube for Kellie’s interview series, “A Word?”

Check out Kellie’s latest short story at Synchronized Chaos, Bulletproof Glass Smeared with Grease.

Kellie on Twitter @kelliescottreed

Thanks for this inspiring conversation, Kellie!

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Make art. Much love,


If you’re a creative in the written/visual/performing arts, and you believe the arts make us and our communities better: I’d love to talk to you! Contact me here.


  1. Ann-Marie says:

    Awesome interview! Kellie Scott-Reed is inspiring, insightful and a pollinator of joy!


    1. J. Alejandro says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to listen! All the best!


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