Arts Calling Podcast #43 Kevin Carey | Revere Beach, the writing life, and being a multi-hyphenate

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Hi there,

Welcome! Today I am arts calling Kevin Carey!

About Kevin:

Kevin Carey is the Coordinator of Creative Writing at Salem State University. He has published five books – a chapbook of fiction, The Beach People from Red Bird Chapbooks (2014) and three books of poetry from Cavankerry Press, The One Fifteen to Penn Station (2012), Jesus Was a Homeboy (2016) and Set in Stone (2020) and a new crime novel Murder in the Marsh from Darkstroke Books.

His one-act plays have been staged at The New Works Festival in Newburyport, MA and The New Hampshire Theater Project and his co-written screenplay Peter’s Song (with Ed Boyle) won Best Screenplay at the 2009 New Hampshire Film Festival and Best Drama at the Woods Hole Film Festival. Kevin’s full-length play, The Stand or Sal is Dead, premiered at the Actor’s Studio in Newburyport, MA in June of 2018. Kevin is also a documentary filmmaker. His latest co-produced film (with Mark Hillringhouse and music by RG Evans) Unburying Malcolm Miller premiered at the Mass Poetry Festival in 2017.

His short fiction can be found in several literary journals, including his short story “Home for the Holidays” which appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of The Apple Valley Review and was included in the Best of the Net Anthology and selected as one of the story South Million Writers top ten online stories of 2011. The Apple Valley Review, Kevin was also a 7th-grade basketball coach for nineteen seasons before stepping down a couple of years ago. (Photo by Mark Hillringhouse).

Visit Kevin’s website,, for updates and more projects!

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Thanks for taking the time to chat, Kevin!

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