Arts Calling Podcast #51 Kátia Bandeira de Mello-Gerlach | Embracing chaos, Brasil, and other travels

Arts Calling is a podcast to celebrate creatives across disciplines and cultural backgrounds making art no matter where they are. A case for the arts as the gateway to empathy, healthy lives, and strong communities.

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Hi there,

Today I am so happy to be arts calling Kátia Bandeira de Mello-Gerlach!

About: Kátia Bandeira de Mello-Gerlach is a Brazilian fiction writer residing in New York City. Her first two books of short stories were published by Projeto Dulcinéia Catadora, an art collective, part of the Latin American cartonera movement. Disquiet International participant in June, 2016 with grant by the Luso American Foundation, FLAD. 2017 Fellow at the New York Foundation for the Arts Program. Kátia contributes to literary journals in Brazil, Portugal, USA and France including La Cause Littéraire, Curious Fiction, Words without Borders, e Jornal Rascunho ( “Colisões Bestiais Particula(res)” (“Collisions in Particles, a Bestiary”) was published by Editora Confraria do Vento in January 2015 and as “Colisiones Bestiales” in Spanish by Diaz Grey Editores @ McNally and Jackson, Soho, New York in March, 2016. A new book, Jogos (Ben)ditos e Folias (Mal)ditas (“Blessed Games, Cursed Follies”) was officially launched by Editora Confraria do Vento at the international literary fair of Poços de Caldas, Flipoços in May 2017. Kátia is a frequent guest writer at the West Point Academy and Columbia University.

Visit her website for more information:

Thank you for this lovely conversation, Kátia!

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