3.20.23 | In Progress.

Hi. Here’s what I have going on:

• Submitted my short screenplay, Corridor (or The Melancholy of Departure) for a contest. It’s a little script, but those were some hard-earned pages. It feels like a success, though. I may do an audio breakdown on the challenges that came up.

• I need to start planning production for A Whisper to the Dark, and I need to cast the second role in the play. I will be playing the role of Stanley the Cat.

• Lesson learned: I can’t leave coalitionworks design and production until after all submissions are approved, so I am starting the issue layout this week. Concept is good but needs to get on its feet.

• Reformatting my old play, The Thoroughly Preposterous Adventures of Juan Limón. The plot is good, the bones are strong, I just need to strengthen the character development and fix the tone. It is all over the place and now that I have ten years distance from it, I can be honest about what it is. Rewrites in April, not now.

• A few pages away from finishing a story I am writing for my son. It’s the story of a black cat named Oscar caught in a web of mystery and sci-fi and other shenanigans. I like it. It’s been a joy to write long-hand and the most fun I’ve had writing anything in a long while. Rewrites will be fun. Almost done.

• Thankfully, voiceover work has slowed down this last week, so I was able to move some things around in the booth, added a few additional foam panels, and went with an overhead mic configuration. It feels a bit better now.

• Making some experimental video projects using stock footage and original music. They will have a home at the coalition soon. I want to make more art/content using only my phone. This may be a good excuse.

Arts Calling Podcast nearing 100 episodes. Wow. Big weeks ahead.

That’s it. Make art. Much love,