Dramatists Guild | End of Play

Hi there,

I am participating in the Dramatists Guild End of Play challenge this month. It’s been a while, but the time has come for me to focus on that stubborn love of mine: playwriting. So what’s the game plan? Here goes:

  • Back in February, I spent a week or so putting together a rough outline for a new full-length play: To begin with, this thing is loosely plotted (thank the cosmos). In recent years, I’ve written a few screenplays and several short plays, but this will be my first full-length stage play in quite a few years. 
  • I want around a 70-pager, but I’ll settle for 60. This means I need to write three pages every day for three weeks. I know myself, I will fall behind and will need a week to catch up, if needed.
  • In preparation for End of Play, I wrote two ten minute scripts in February/March. It feels like a warm up for what’s ahead. 
  • Got my music playlist to help me with character, setting, and tone. Good stuff ranging from Samba, ballads in Spanish, to a little Aesop Rock. All characters have their own tunes!

So there you have it. Tonight, I will embark on my first three pages. I am ready to dust off my playwright cap and once again step up to the plate. I’m not writing a baseball play though, apologies all around.

I’ll let you know what happens.